Saturday, May 24, 2008

After seven days work I finally have a couple of days off and believe me they are sorely needed. On calls involving late night assessments of people who self harmed and others with yet more alcohol problems. Hence not a lot of sleep and yesterday it showed, especially as I struggled to drive home and keep my eyes open. A forty minute nap in front of the TV did the trick. Yes, Look North was that boring!
A quiet weekend is planned because we have the plasterers arriving on Monday and the room has to be cleared out and, we have no money. Sadly we cannot make our neighbour's seventieth birthday celebrations tonight but we'll sort out a card and pressie for next week (Happy Birthday Babs!).
I have also arranged a meeting next week with a manager from the prospective new job. To get a feel for what I am letting myself in for if I pass the interview and to show how keen I am. I am torn between excitement, anxiety and doubt as to whether I am doing the right thing and am I good enough for the prospective job.

However, we only come this way once and why not go for it. I'd rather regret screwing up as opposed to regrets about having not tried. After all, what can go wrong?
Tea required so TTFN.


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