Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nursing in Oz...
...or Skegness?

Blogging has been tardy of late, mainly as a result of shit at work. So much so that I am seriously considering other jobs. It'll have to be in nursing as chief beer tasters are very much 'dead mans shoes'. A rater for catwalk models is also oversubscribed as is secret shopper for curry restaurants. Lottery (Fantasy Tax)winner is difficult to break into as well.
Sadly, I do enjoy my job but the usual politics, jobsworths and idiots hamper the pleasureable aspects (working with patients). But I have to bite my tongue as I cannot leave for a while yet.

It's a bit late but a great man whose wit, humour and music will be much missed.


Friday, April 25, 2008

Phew...'panic buying' over and I bought a kilo of rice!

Which is what I usually buy anyway. Mrs C asked whether I should buy more but I have given up believing the media and their panic scares. As I have blogged before, I'm sure the news networks are salivating and straining at the leash for the next 'big news story'. Measles scare, birdflu, TB, hamster eats has-been comedian and tinfoil hats alert. There are concerns in the third world but also this for the right-wing lunatics who want the UK to adopt an economic model based primarily on the USA. (For the record there is a lot I like and admire about the USA).
For more info on the subject of rice shortages try this chap.*


* Thanks to Blue Witch for directing me there.
Up at an ungodly hour on my day off to the cashpoint with fierce (grrr) creature accompanying me for protection. Well, she needs protecting.
Finally, the technical chappie is calling today to test the plaster for anthrax astbestos and we may then get on with replastering the ceiling. More monies to pay out...

Once the chap has completed his business it's orf to do the monthly shop. Apparently there is a world shortage of rice (and wheat) because of the 'need' for biofuels. Firstly, we live in a crazy world that places the need for fuel above that of food for people who will starve and, secondly, I'll selfishly buy some extra rice in. It is worrying and perhaps the chickens are coming home to roost for the west (Isn't China west of somewhere? From Beijing California is the east)...with or without birdflu.I guess Macca's remarks about vegetarianism as the answer to global warming is part of this mix. We could eat beans, greens and lentils and contribute to communal storage of the methane and other gases produced.
"You can have a 5% discount off your fuel bill if you contribute 50 litres of methane per year to your local community".
Alternatively, recycled bins for tins, paper, glass, plastics and a sealed container for flatulence. Politicians are usually good at taking the piss so perhaps that could be useful as well.
On top of that we have to prepare to man the border as fuel starved Scots roam south in their search for fuel. Mind you, if this is genuine we have little need to worry about national borders as we are reconfigured. I guess Lincolnshire will be part of greater Holland or Germany. Where's me lederhosen? Surely something is wrong here because if we are part of a Gross Deutschland (uber alles), why are the Poles invading?
I'm off to buy a vegetarian bratwurst and sauerkraut.
Auf wiedersehen fur jetz.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I picked the one hour this morning to walk the dog when it rained.....and rained some more. I may dry out eventually as I sit glued to the radiator with a very wet dog beside me.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I saw the adverts so I sat myself down to watch 'The Doctor Who Hears Voices' last night. I can make the jokes about "What no Daleks?" but it was a fascinating programme. I work as a community mental health nurse and I have met Rufus May at a seminar on hearing voices. I was impressed at that time by his enthusiasm, his passion and his desire to change mental health services. I also believe that the current approach to treatment of severe mental illness has changed in the last twenty years but, that we still have a long way to go. So I was keen to watch this and I wasn't disappointed. It left me with lots of questions and was at times uncomfortable viewing. Especially given that there have been occasions where I and colleagues have taken therapeautic risks and there is always an outside chance a person kills themself. Although it was a docu-drama, it was based upon actual events and situations. So the scenes of running in front of an oncoming truck, going missing, etc... and Rufus' responses was fascinating.
I have to admit that I do believe medication is necessary but it is often a question of finding the right medication and amounts so as to reduce the signs and symptoms of illness. I also believe that negotiation and the person being fully aware and knowledgeable about all forms of treatment is the way to work. Although I believe we need more people like Rufus May to challenge and change services and public perceptions, medication is still needed. Unfortunately in-patient beds and the MH act is also still needed. Not all patients are like Ruth and sometimes the risk is too great for the individual and others around them. Acute admission wards are not ideal but successive governments prefer to fund the ridiculous (NHS IT; PFI; Millenium Dome) to the criminal (Iraq invasion; PFI) rather than addressing poor facilities and practice, disillusioned staff.
But for me the salient point of the programme is the dialogue as to what is mental illness? How to treat/ address the people who have these problems? Medication is the cheaper option as opposed to time intensive talking therapies, make no bones about it. Quick fix cognitive behavioural therapies may address some of the less severe conditions but not the severe illnesses. But the dialogue of whether schizophrenia exists, what to call it and how to treat it has been going on for many years now. Last nights programme will have hopefully opened up the debate to a wider audience.
I'm orf to work...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Something quiet for a change...

I admit to liking early music and I regularly listen to the Early Music Show on BBC Radio 3 most weekends (Thankyou listen again!).I particularly enjoy lute music ,the warmth and the intimacy of the music as well as the talent needed to play the instrument. As an exponent of the paper and comb and little else musically (my son says my singing is atrocious....well, crap actually), I enjoy listening to and watching good musicians. I also finally had a brainwave and remembered my youtube user name and password. So I have access once again.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Over a week and no posts. Busy at work and lack of heating and hot water at home. It was too cold to sit at the pc but we now have warmth and lovely hot water. Thanks to LE we had showers and chips to eat as we watched 'The Colour of Magic' and 'The Light Fantastic'. Not a patch on the books but enjoyable all the same.

Workwise...lots of rumours and scare stories regarding the 'reconfiguration of services'. After 23 years in the NHS it's the same old bollox really although I believe these latest changes presage the dismantlement of the NHS. Tories light under Brown or sugar free tories under the Eton Trifle...both will do the same by screwing the voters. A tad cynical so I'll move on from the politics as I now have the weekend off and I plan, weather permitting, to rummage around the garden. I would say gardening but that would involve me a) having some knowledge of gardening and b)doing the gardening properly. Guesswork and lots of tea will be involved.
I remain broke as a result of paying the premiums for insurance claims so it will be an alcohol free(ish) weekend.
Music: Loud rock.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ow owowww!
One large mug of freshly brewed coffee and my head hurts.
Usually I am a tea drinker but every now and then I will grind and brew a fresh pot of coffee. I have overdone it this morning and will be buzzing for the next hour or so with a caffeine headache. This is one fresh brew coffee I can recommend...delicious. Today it was a mug of Italian rich roast but I also like Java.
A day off and a quick trip to scratchmatch to have the vandalised wing mirror assessed; dog walked; bills paid; a late breakfast cooked for myself and Mrs C all by 11 am....and relax. A cooked breakfast of snorkers, bacon and mushrooms no less. In the first stage of a lifestyle change I have been eating more fibre, smaller meals and cuting right back on eating rubbish. But today I thought I'd have a treat and consequently I am stuffed.
Enough for now...I feel the call of the sunshine.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Oh goody. The boiler man cometh.

As an aside have a look at this site.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Back to the old grindstone today and it was surprisingly busy. However, most of my day was spent dealing with people who were not even on our books. Lost library books, dodgy neighbours, vets bills and can we rehouse their granny.
If someone looks a bit odd, wears a loud shirt in an exclusive area or likes mint sauce on their beef, we receive a phone call asking us to assess this "person who is obviously mentally ill and needs to go into hospital".It's great to be back.

You're on a double yellow mate.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

After all the shenanigans of the past two weeks I was unsurprisingly running on empty today. The plasterer gave a quote but he also suggested that the artex on the ceiling be tested for asbestos...lovely. The insurance company have agreed to get an assessor out to view and will liaise further with me. Stress has a particular effect upon me, it hits my neck and shoulders which become increasingly stiff and painful. Hence I am drinking some excellent 'Pale Rider' to chill out as I trawl the blogosphere and listen to Penetration....loudly. I'm also fussing over the cats which helps enormously.

I had planned to pop over to the pub to try out two new brews but I didn't feel too sociable. I have, sadly, become a bit of a miserable curmudgeon this year who prefers his own company. Never a good thing and hopefully a return of some sunny weather may help to drag me out of this sloth.

Friday, April 04, 2008

This past fortnight off work has been 'interesting' as the Chinese proverb would have it.
A combination of health problems; issues with my nursing registration and a missing letter/payment; the car yet again vandalised; the boiler malfunctioning and last night, the ceiling in the sitting room fell in. As an aside, why are insurance companies so obstructive?*

I'll be glad to return to work next week because at least it will be other peoples problems I have to deal with.
We're off out for lunch whilst there is still money in my pocket and I need a pint, purely for medicinal purposes to treat shock.

* Rhetorical question because it comes down to money. They want ours and do not like to pay any back.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I would like to say everything is rosy in the garden of life but a pain in the nether regions kept me awake last night. When I finally dropped off to sleep the bloody dog started barking (3 am) so I had to investigate. As per usual, the cats scrapping in the back garden. Eventually I gave up the struggle and sat up to watch the dawn with a cup of tea. Peaceful with the sound of birdsong and the wind gently soughing through the trees. Sadly, the rest of the world awoke and spoiled the moment.
Bloody hell but I am knackered now.