Saturday, February 09, 2008

Yes, I am a sick bunny!
There was a programme on TV a few weeks back about a chap who lives near Bodmin Moor who picks up roadkill and eats it. He was preparing a dead badger for his tea and making a tea cosy from the skin. Fair play to yer man, not something I'd subscribe to but, the roadkill is natural, organic and free range. It was legitimately killed by someone's motor and by scraping it off the road, the man is keeping the countryside tidy. For his pains he is subjected to abusive and malicious phone calls from the local numpties who view him as a 'nutter'. He is eccentric but he is harming no one and he is interpreting takeaway from a unique perspective. In the states someone has taken it a step further and makes money out of it.

There are the usual bunny suicides and chicken pancakes along the country lanes but the number of dead badgers does surprise me. The largest roadkill I have seen was a deer on the A180....I bet it wasn't there for long. Didn't the Beatles write a couple of songs about this....
'Rocky Raccoon' and 'Why Don't We Do It In The Road'.



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