Thursday, January 31, 2008

Although today is a day off I was rudely awakened from my slumbers and dreams of Kylie and Sarah Beeny at an ungodly hour by Mrs. C shouting "You'd better check out the garden".
I know it was windy last night because my cough ensured I was still awake at 2 am. But the scene of devastation that met my eyes...the bird table is nailed into the ground but that and the burny bin were pressed against the back wall. Rubbish littered the grass and a variety of other furniture was scattered to the four corners of the known universe.

The cats were safely in all night and trying to persuade them to go out to attend to their needs took some shouting and chasing around. They could see the devastation and as they literally flew around the garden, the dog excitedly flapped around amongst them barking for all her worth.

I remain ill...nuff said, it's boring.
So as I am confined to the house and my plans to go out have been cancelled, I am trawling t'net for stories and general rubbish. I've read the political blogs and all say the same thing: politicians are shite, the country is FUBAR and tit-for-tat name calling and blaming. Their political beliefs can all be summed up by the following:
I know best; give me power; must look good in the media; me first, party next and country definitely last; I mustn't make real decisions but if I do and it goes wrong blame someone else.
So I am looking for funies, music or general tat...there's lots of that.
Paracetamol and disposable tissues to the fore.



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