Sunday, December 16, 2007


The computer has been full of viruses lately and necessitated a variety of pills and potions to help it along. My usual prophylactic has not protected it and I unleashed the 'big guns', using spybot on the advice of a delightful student who is currently languishing with our team.
A word of advice:


Spybot instructions tell you to read everything in full and to engage brain before deleting all the red nasties. I didn't read it properly and I had to perform an immediate system restore after things started to go horribly wrong. Apparently there is something 'orrible lurking in the hard drive's innards and I do scan daily to delete the little buggers, but they come back. Any sensible advice is welcome but I draw the line at large vegetables and mud wrestling (unless I am in the audience and the wrestlers are young nubile women).
Today was spent in a leisurely the roast, walking the mutt, watching DVD's (three for £15.00 at sainsbugs), listening to good music and fuelled by some excellent ground coffee. Collecting a weeks worth of dogshit from the garden (the Poo Patrol) was an unwelcome blip in an otherwise delightful day.
Dad is 'comfortable'; hospital speak for 'nothing happening and we are busy so get off the phone and let us get on with our work please'...welcome news. So back to playing backgammon and listening to this excellent programme.



Blogger Unknown said...

Maybe it's an obvious one, but I'd recommend disconnecting from the net before running these repair programs.

They will seldom remove active files and some of the crafty gits use the connection to remain active.

I couldn't understand why my old PC was running programs I "wasn't authorised" to remove, but as soon as I went offline, no problem.

Good luck :)

9:31 pm  

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