Sunday, December 23, 2007

Only two 'sleeps' to go as No.1 would say until the day itself.
Stockings are ready and the silver platter spit-polished 'til it shines in the reflected glow of the tree lights ready for the obligatory mince pie and glass of sherry for Mr Claus. At work today dispensing good cheer and sweeties to our customers punters patients service users. As per usual we are the stop gap for people in need whilst all other teams shut down. But we have our tree up and plenty of chocolate and biscuits ready for the happy holiday. Oddly enough, Christmas itself is a reasonably quiet time for us apart from the steady flow of people who deliberately self harm. It gets busier after the new year. But, the one thing that is predictable in working in crisis teams is the very unpredictability of the work. Tomorrow is my last shift for a week so I am getting slightly demob the Chrimble mood.
Time for a Christmas libation.



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