Monday, November 19, 2007

Watching the Skies...(channels 1 and 2)

Isn't it dark at 6 am.
Or so I have been informed. Bed at 11pm and I surfaced at 9 am....and I still feel tired...sleeping rather a lot, healing process I assume.
Trawling the blogosphere and many of my favourite blogs appear to have stuttered to occasional posts or stopped altogether. Ppl have either rediscovered the joys of real life or have been abducted by the aliens Ron L. Hubbard's followers tell us about.
Out of interest I trawled the net for ufo's and alien abductions. There is a hell of a lot of it going on or there are a hell of a lot of ppl with strange ideas. Two perspectives: This or for those who prefer science this. I remain a sceptic but one who is fascinated by the paranormal in all its many guises. Cryptozoology, aliens, timeslips, hauntings, etc... I know that if I am presented with two news stories: discovery for cure for cancer or ghost captured on camera at castle, I will assuredly read the latter first. Romanticism or a little frisson of supernatural pleasure. The unknown does excite interest because it appeals to the child inside of us; the boogieman in the cupboard or the beastie beneath the bed. So don't forget..."The truth is out there"...with a little editing here and there.


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