Friday, November 16, 2007

Say Bonio!

Today I entered the pooch in the local pet photo's competition. Was it the opportunity to get my pooch noticed by Simon Cowell or to obtain the next advertising campaign for Pedigree Chum? Perhaps the cash prize and shopping vouchers a few weeks before Christmas has something to do with it...
Lining up prior to the shoot she was well behaved, sniffing other dogs bottoms in that universal canine greeting our world leaders would do well to emulate. No problems at all. Then it came time for the shoot...usually when we produce a camera she will pose, admittedly often six inches from the lense. Out of the many shots the photographer took he obtained one decent shot. I was covered in dog hair as her head looked in every direction bar the one necessary and her excitement and frustration at being sat in one spot mounted. So I had better not count on Eastenders looking for a new dog star or dog food adverts to bring in the readies and an early retirement.

Excuse me whilst I referee the latest spat betwixt mother and son.

I did ask whether I could enter a housefly in the unusual pet category but received a cool smile in return. Undoubtedly a small cute toddler with a fluffy kitten will win but I'll keep my fingers crossed.
Quiz night passed in a blur of excellent Batemans XB and wrong answers. Our team is sadly reduced to two members as others have fallen by the wayside or moved to different pubs. Battling against teams of 8 or 9 members is proving difficult. C'est la vie...
Tonight will be a mix of some 'Children in Need' on the TV and reading about Napoleon's invasion of and defeat in Russia. The latter during the tedious bits with soap stars and wannabe's littering the screen. Before you say "Humbug! Del Catto you miserable old git", I popped out and gave money to various stalls today for the cause. I still have a healthy disregard and scepticism for 'stars' and charidee: Smashey & Nicey play it so succinctly each time they appear.
Anyhow, I have home brewed beer left from aeons ago and I shall brush off the cobwebs and drink a couple.

Give generously tonight to whichever charity of your choice (RSPB, MIND, NSPCC, Wychwood Brewery).



Blogger Unknown said...

Already contributed to Children in Need this year so Wychwood were on the receiving end of my generosity Friday night...

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