Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's in the post...

As a nurse I know how important communication is, especially IT and paperwork. If I, god forbid, miss out an important piece of data for those 57 admin staff following my every move I soon know about it. I am given form E156/1a 'Official Bollocking' (also available in 149 other languages) and have the shiny buttons removed from my white coat as I am castigated by my manager who is on secondment from Ratners to improve the NHS.
So this just beggars belief...wtf!

Guess we'll have to make enquiries via Lagos because that's where the records will be.No.1 son will be available in several different versions and my hard earned cash will go into a Nigerian or Albanian bank account. Alistair Darling made the politician's fatal error...he told us not to worry...cue screaming women, overturned vegetable stalls and scenes of rushing water. That is exactly the time to worry.

"You're safe with us".

I have to be honest and admit that if a politician tells me the sun is in the sky I will go and see for myself.
Another enforced day stuck indoors but some progress made...back to work soon. Save your sympathy for the dog as I am the only bugger who walks her. She's had to endure an enforced incarceration with her grumpy owner. However, I am going to nip out in the car to stock up on essentials such as these, these and of course these....and the paracetamol. it also gives me the opportunity to see how I fare pain wise in the motor.


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