Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I had a change of plans when I realised some bills hadn't yet been paid this month. So after a very long walk with the mutt, bills were paid and a quick visit to the library to borrow some CD's. I then did my alloted stint on the exercise bike. Showered and suitably knackered, I plan to adopt the above position for the rest of today. According to the bike's computer I qualify as fit for the knackers yard. Hopefully that will change with my newly found determination to exercise every day.
To make up for the kebab from last night I am preparing a lentil curry and using some of my home grown chilli. Mrs.C took one look and is opting for "food that does not look like that!" What can she mean? I know previous discussions about my lentil curries have involved analogies along the lines of the dog excreta...No taste some people. It is hard to believe, given my liking for bacon sarnies and sausages, that I was a vegetarian for two years prior to meeting Mrs.C. The clues to my demise back into eating meat were there all along. One morning I woke up after an extensive beer tasting with fellow enthusiasts to find two unopened containers of cold take-away beef ghoulash on the dining table. Much to the amusement of my flatmates all of whom were vegetarians. The eventual night came where I demolished some corned beef sandwiches at a friends house...funnily enough I had also drunk some falling down liquid on that occasion as well. Cue a visit to Brick Lane that weekend for some hot salt beef sandwiches...mmm.

All this writing of food is now making me hungry.


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