Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hmmm...There has been a murder just around the corner from us. An 18 year old man stabbed to death last night in a 'street altercation'. Mediaspeak for a drugs deal gone wrong or someone was 'dissed' but, whatever the reason for his death, what a sad pointless end of a young life. Seeing the seemingly endless litany of murders and thuggery in the daily papers is one thing, but to have it on one's doorstep and it all takes on a different perspective. My son is only fourteen and I do worry about his and other youngsters futures in this increasingly violent country. Oddly enough I had this conversation with my mother last night whilst I argued that this government likes things to be seen to be done as opposed to actually being done. Examples such as meeting targets in the NHS or the police by ticking boxes, rather than by actually preventing crime, catching criminals or getting the healthcare to people quickly and appropriately. Undoubtedly, the thug who killed this man will be caught and end up serving a few paltry years in a comfortable jail. How cheap is a life these days. Lawyers will protect his human rights with little thought for the loss of life, the grieving relatives and the increased fear and anger in the local community. Even No.1 son questions where this country is going with the increased violence, trivia dominating the media and fame/wealth worshipped as the must haves and the epitome of success.
It has all gone horribly wrong.


Blogger Karate Jim said...

and I wonder how different the media & government response would be had it been a police officer or politician who had been murdered?

7:14 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

Value always comes down to monetary terms.
Useful members of the community = £so much.
What is the true value of a politician?

11:31 am  

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