Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Fireworks night...

I am a creature of habit, mainly as a result of parenthood and having to ensure roof, food, etc...for the family from the 'sweat' of my labours. I know, an old fashioned concept in these days of 'my rights, no responsibilties' currently abroad in society. I digress, because as a creature of habit I usually don't venture beyond my local pub. Last night I ventured further afield to visit some of the pubs in the Bible guide. With hindsight I should really have picked another evening.
It started off well with a pint of Elgood's North Brink Porter which I thoroughly enjoyed. There weren't many in the Yarborough and no one I knew so I moved onto the next pub which will remain nameless to save the innocent. The Tiger was ok as I swigged it back but the domestic going on against an audio backdrop of Fleetwood Mac was somewhat surreal. The beer was good but the pub and the clientele were somewhat careworn, tired and emotional. I moved on only to discover the 'Hope & Anchor' closed but the 'Royal Oak' was open. NO REAL ALE! I had to make do with a pint of keg mild. To further compound this horror the second domestic of the night started in front of me. For fucks sake...I felt I was again at work. An extremely drunk woman decided to snog another customer in front of her husband. All hell broke loose...I finished my pint and headed for the 'Duke of Wellington' wishing I had stayed at home. The Duke had a reasonable pint of Bombardier on and I joined some friends for the quiz. The evening ended with good beer, good company and a kebab...well, it's traditional!
After last nights excitement I am opting for a quiet day out in the countryside with the dog and camera close to hand. Hopefully I won't walk into any further family domestics...



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