Monday, November 12, 2007


I've taken an extra day off today because I just could not face four hours driving to and from the university. Woosey - Yes. Sensible - Yes. Tiredness plus my current distracted state could = accident. I know Americans /Aussies /Canadians /Martians travel hundreds of miles in their daily commute but, so what? I am knackered and a day spent dog walking, better spent. I only wish I had made this decision last night and not when I woke up at 5.30 am. Still, the mutt and I enjoyed our extremely cold stroll as we watched the sun rise. Beautiful colours, especially the pinks and aquamarines as well as birdsong whilst the world appeared to sleep and it felt as though it briefly belonged to us. I am increasingly thinking that with petrol now costing £1.00+ per litre and the mileage I am doing each year, I might be better off looking for a job nearer home. I can't do this for at least another year because of financial and training commitments. Possibly the year after next may be the time for a change. Having moaned about driving, thank the gods I no longer live and commute in London. My usual commute is about thirty miles and is not a bind. The five hundred square miles our team covers is where the grind comes in. But at least it is predominantly green and pleasant as opposed to grey and concrete. The sun has now come out and is beckoning me.


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