Sunday, November 18, 2007

Chairman of the Bored...

I am bored!
Despite it being 'Sherlock Holmes' weekend on one of the channels and five hours of Time Team yesterday; plus scouring the newspapers and reading books put aside for a spare moment. I am fed up. I have to keep my legs elevated and rest. Believe it or not I am missing being at work. However, I shall forbear from whinging...if you want whinging watch the news or Jezza Kyle. On a pain scale of 1 (ok) - 10 (Noel Edmonds and Edwina Currie making love live on national telly), I am about 4 with the use of pain killers (incl. chocolate) and distractions.

I enjoyed the Israeli match on the radio last night and cursed the ref in the Scots match. It is kind of strange having to rely upon the radio commentators to provide colour and atmosphere whilst listening to football on the radio. Strangely enjoyable.

This evening I'll try to get listen again working. If that doesn't work it'll be time to revisit the DVD collection. I can't even walk the poor pooch and kicking the ball in the garden for her resulted in extra pain in another ball. Still, I'll soldier on.



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