Saturday, November 17, 2007


After yet another uncomfortable night and excruciating pain this morning, I followed Mrs.C's advice and attended the hospital GP unit. Just what I needed as I limped through to see the nurse, an ex-colleague of mine.

Nurse: "You're laughing, so it can't be that serious"
Me: "I'm in's serious"
Ex-c: "This'll be good...he's laughing because I'm here"
Nurse: "What's wrong with you"
Me: "I have pain in my left groin"
Ex-c: "Laughter".

The doctor reassured me it was not a hernia but that I had orchitis/epididymitis. Hence my limping like a man with a terrier attached to my left testicle by it's jaws....bow legged and boy does it hurt. It brings tears to a glass eye. the solution: legs elevated, rest and anti-inflammatories; see your GP in four-five days time. I am relieved that it isn't a hernia (my dread of surgery) but oooowwww!!!

I hope there is something good on TV.



Blogger Unknown said...

I must confess that my hernia surgery a few years ago was much easier than I'd anticipated (albeit not entirely succesful in the long run).

A small price to pay for 4 weeks off work on full pay. No drink for the first two weeks but after that I had a ball...


6:41 pm  
Blogger delcatto said...

The thought of it still puts the willies up me *groan*

6:54 pm  

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