Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"Stop the bloody fireworks".

A quick moan: fireworks, twats, October, small animals, not. The salient phrases for your one sentence to reconstruct my whinge. I thenk yew.

Back to the fray of frontline nursing and a difficult day with some ethical dilemmas for which a speedy and pragmatic solution was required. My wand was waved and magic dispensed 'Hey Presto!'. In reality, hard work and tactful negotiation was applied. Not the answer people are really looking for but we do what we can to slap a temporary 'mental' elastoplast on to difficult problems. But the trip with my colleague around the delightfully sunny countryside was compensation enough.Eight weeks to Christmas? It was more like a late summers day apart from the autumnal leaves and woodsmoke from garden bonfires.
I have a week off soon and I fully intend to get some walking in and I can only hope it will be like today. I haven't yet popped up to Whitby this year and I really would like at least a day up there. So fingers crossed and I'll be watching the weather forecast for the next week. I just got off the phone to a friend in Philadelphia and we were discussing the extremes of weather...snow over here (inches)is certainly not a patch on the snow over there (several feet plus). We were also discussing how two boys from the arse end of rough North London housing estates (housing schemes) escaped and have become relatively successful. A story for another day I guess. Time for tea.


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