Saturday, October 13, 2007

A quick entry (fnarr fnarr) before I nip over to the pub for grub, beer and the rugby. Work is busy which is to be expected as Christmas looms over the horizon. More along the lines of relationship problems, homelessness, alcohol problems and debts...with the occasional episode of someone with a mental illness for which the team was set up for. But sadly people mention the magic words "I'll kill myself" and we are called in, even when it is blindingly obvious there is no real intent to do so. However, some people do attempt to harm themselves and misjudge the attempt. So it behoves us to do our job and attempt to limit any damage to a minimum. Taking two paracetamol, a spliff and a vitamin C tablet is not a suicide attempt especially when performed in a busy street during the busiest time of the day. When you are due up in court the following week also has us rubbing our chins whilst muttering a prayer to the patron saint of disbelievers.
However, I have a day off and I can recharge the batteries.Dog walked, shopping done and cashpoint raided for the beer vouchers. I never learn, walking the mutt and shopping at the same time. Tying her up outside the local supermercado and as i walk away the piteous howls begin. I sneak a look out of the window and all I can see is a bouncing orange dog surrounded by onlookers who are attempting to reassure her. Cue even louder howling and yipping because she's been abandoned by her heartless 'owner' for all of five minutes. My return sees me covered in saliva and dog hair as she races and bounces around me like a papparazzo scenting another royal RTA.
Anyhow...a beer has my name on it and we can have a rare meal out with No.1 away for the weekend.


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