Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The motor was duly collected....after 5 pm. So the pooch and I had a local walk rather than the wild shenanigans of Cleethorpes. However, I am pleased to have the old familiar wheels back and gleaming like a shiney ruby set out to attract the magpies.
I am off to the metropolis tomorrow....well, Nottingham for another day of this course. I found the wherewithall to do two hours study today for it. What's handy is that I use my work situation in applying the studies. It also gives me a chance to nose around Nottingham although I haven't much chance of nipping in for a quick drink. But I have scoured the 'Good Beer Guide' and I am mapping out the pubs for future reference. I have received my orders to note shopping areas. I have taken note of my orders and I have noted bookshops, car showrooms, hi-fi, she wasn't pleased. I found I enjoyed the studying today because of it's very relevance to my everyday work, so perhaps I will enjoy this course after all. Ask me again after five hours of travelling. Star Trek transporters have never been more needed.

I am going to stop here because either the PC is playing up or, as I suspect, verging mediocrity is providing it's usual poor service.



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