Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ahh...some semblance of service is resumed. I popped across the road to oil some parts and have lunch with L-E, No.1 daughter whose birthday it is today. She's the grand age of twenty-something. She is off out clubbing tonight with mates and they're all in fancy dress. So if you are boogying on the dance floor with Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, wish her a Happy Birthday.
I am still unable to publish pictures so it will be dialogue I'm afraid. No plans for tonight because I will be tuning in for the megafest of 'Most Haunted Live'. Nibbles are ready as is a supply of suitably Halloweenish beer. I am torn between scepticism and just enjoying the pure hokum on offer. Flashing devils horns and a cape are on the dog and the cats have glow in the dark batwings attached, ready to launch at the kids who call for sweets. To really scare them I have music by David Hasselhof set to 10.
7-4 odds that Yvette screams within 15 minutes of the lights going out.
5-4 odds that faxes will arrive of various bearded figures called Jack/George/Herbert in Victorian dress.
Evens that a monk will be 'seen'.
The celebrity will be someone whose face hasn't graced our screens for the past year. Well, there is no 'celebrity' b*g Br*$+er this year.
A spooky TTFN to you all.


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