Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The quiz last night at my local hostelry was unusual to say the least. The quiz itself was fine, lots of people and, although the real ale was close to running out (Quelle horreur!), there was enough. But something was amiss and it took me a while to realise what it was. The other punters were not regular pub goers. The quiz was in aid of the local diabetes care unit and the crowd were in the main users of that service. A good quiz but I felt as though the pub had been transmogrified into someone's front room and we had to behave ourselves. Most unsettling. There is a feel in a pub which most regular pub goers recognise. The unspoken mores, rules and behaviour which adds to the atmosphere as one sips a pint of best and chats to other punters. Last night it was Aunt Ethel's front parlour and I expected the cucumber sarnies to be distrbuted along with tea in the best china. Antimaccassars on the chairs and an aspidistra behind which her mangy flatulent terrier of an indeterminent breed hides as it awaits its chance to savage your ankles.
Hopefully normal service resumes this Thursday.

Back to the OU assignment...my last one and the course nearly finished!!!*


* Apart from the exam.


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