Saturday, July 28, 2007

"Yessir, I can boogie..."

I am temporarily (I hope) deaf this morning and my head hurts.
I popped out to the pub and bumped into Seany and a few others who suggested we see a local heavy rock covers band 'Jackhammer'. A classic rock trio that played covers from the sixties up to the present day....and extremely LOUD. A few beers and a boogie, all in all an excellent night out.
Part 2.
Virgin media as an ISP is without doubt utter shite because yet again service went down and I have only just got access again. Still, I had a well earned siesta this afternoon having given up on the internet.
Mrs.C. enjoyed my night out so much she wants us both to go out tonight. A birthday boy is in town for the weekend down from the land of the 'smoggies' so we'll pop in to say hello and buy him a pint.
Today has been mostly a lazy day with the exception of the market shopping for fruit & veg. I bumped into an ex-patient and we chewed the fat for a while. She seemed genuinely pleased to see me and I realised that it has been nearly seven years since I worked with her. That set me thinking and it is over 24 years since I left my job at Yellow Pages prior to travelling. Nearly a quarter of century! That not only sounds old, it feels old! I left school nearly thirty years ago...bloody hell...No wonder No.1 son calls me the old man. Pension, pipe and slippers next although I shan't be able to retire for another ten years. However, at 46 I still feel like a young man despite the distorting mirror I look at each morning. Mind you, the thought of nursing 17 year olds who are experiencing the delights of drug induced psychosis when I am approaching sixty is really one thought I find hard to contemplate. I still have that image of a cottage in France where one can grow vegetables, drink wine, smoke Gauloises whilst using government edicts as ashtrays and the local youths are respectful to their elders. A pipe dream as ten years from now gawd only knows where I'll be. Maybe even viewing the spire of St. James as it peeps above the flood waters. Never mind, I'm on me hols and I intend to enjoy the day.


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