Saturday, June 23, 2007

The thunder has started and the heavens opened. The dog has shot off to her chair because it was a huge crash right above us....ho comes summer.Back to work today although I would rather curl up in front of the box, watch old movies and drink tea.
Well, the storm put the kibosh on that as all internet activity died a swift death and I have managed to connect and have time to do this at long last. For once I couldn't blame my ISP but was it 'an act of God'? Church steeples often get hit and you'd think He is on their side. If they have faith, why do steeples and minarets have lightning conductors attached? Standing barefoot in a large puddle of water at the top of the tower holding an umbrella would show some faith.
Work has been....and will be tomorrow. Studies progress and I currently feel like death warmed up having suffered with a (PC!) 'middle-eastern tummy' all morning and frequent trips to the bog. Hopefully it will pass and gaviscon should help, otherwise I shan't be venturing too far tomorrow.



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