Saturday, June 16, 2007

Stair rods...

Excuse me as I remove my snorkel....
Flash floods, staid floods and aunt maidenly floods. We've had them all as we approach midsummer with its sounds of leather on willow, drowzy drone of bees and Pimms on the village green. The Daily Mirror even had a photo of a tornado approaching Grimsby with that well known local landmark...the sea. I must be about the only person unconcerned by the weather as I studied today. If the sun had been out I would have faced a choice: indoors studying versus pint of ale on the pub balcony soaking up the rays...hmmm, hard choice that. But the seasonal weather chucked down at us made my mind up...bollocks is all I can say but I stuck to my guns and got several hours of studying done.
But tomorrow will be a full day off and a birthday bash to attend and possibly even a glimpse of sunshine. I can leave the souwester at home and walk the dog, instead of paddling her behind my canoe.


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