Sunday, April 22, 2007

Oh no! I've gorn and sold out to the devil.
I bought a copy of the 'Maul on Sunday' for a free copy of 'Tubular bells' which is blasting out of the speakers as I pen my confession to my heinous crime.
I'd forgotten about the Klingon 'singing' by Vivian Stanshall on part two.
Absolutely wonderful, so much so I shall play it again.
Home from work and a delicious sunday roast courtesy of Mrs.C. and a delightfully hot shower. Up at the crack to discover no hot water or heating because the boiler had packed in again. I bravely splashed cold water over the bits that matter prior to work. The team consisted of me for a couple of hours this morning....responsible for the mental health of 500 square miles and all of the inhabitants contained therein. The power could have gone right to my head so I chose to use that power wisely....tea and paperwork, plus more tea.
However, I am now on my hols and I am looking forward to St George's day tomorrow. Beer, bangers and music at me local all in celebration of the Saint George himself.
I'm orf to help No.1 son with his maths homework.
n.b. I hadn't realised that fractions could lead to fractious behaviour or that working out 'The Mean' would lead to accusations of my being mean....ho hum.


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