Thursday, March 08, 2007


My feet hurt!
Having walked miles today with the mutt in my effort to get fit, I may have overdone it. A long soak in a footspa with various sweet smelling salts and liberally applied cream, they still hurt. Massaging the cream in made me think about reflexology. A money spinning idea if ever one was needed; with wet wipes and a full kit including creams, towels, etc...Offer tired commuters a personal 20 minutes of reflexology as they wait for their train/ plane/shanks' pony. Even if only one in every four accepted it I am sure one could make a living. I am sure someone else already offers this service, probably in China or India but if it isn't offered over here, you can have this idea gratis from me. Set up a stall at King's Cross station or London Bridge and Bob's yer uncle.
The fleabag collapsed in a heap but one hour later she was bouncing around the garden with a ball with no sign of having run for miles. I think I last had that sort of energy at seventeen.
Still, if I have a comfortable seat tonight I'm sure I can manage the a beer or two.



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