Tuesday, March 13, 2007

More pane...

Grimsby is a dangerous place.
Last night a neighbour knocked at the front door.
N - "Do you own a red Honda Jazz?"
M - "Yes...what's the problem (Thinks "Oh shit!")
N - "Someone's broken into your car, they've busted the back window".
Cue scramble for respectable clothing and rush to beloved motor.
N - "Have they stolen anything?"
I'm frantically scrutinizing the interior amidst shattered glass.
M - (Just my peace of mind)"No...everything is there" I reply puzzledly.
N - "I wouldn't slam the door..."
M - "!"

Tinkle tinkle....
M - "Oops".

Phone calls to various bods including polis and RAC.
The latter get to me just before midnight and after fitting a perspex window in lieu of a real one we discover the culprit....a small sharp stone, possibly fired up the window at great velocity by a speeding motorist. After I had spent a few hours mouthing obscenities and threats at any likely looking candidates for petty thievery and vandalism.

The dangerous bit?
What if that stone had hit someone in the face instead of the 1,000's to one chance of my car window. To cap it all....some seagull dropped a turd the size and consistency of jade goody's brain on my windscreen. Not a lot but the angle and velocity has spread it far and wide. What do those buggers eat? When did chips come in a green sauce? Small stones perhaps or olive stones...

"Left a bit...left a bit..."

We don't get Albatrosses up here do we?



Blogger Karate Jim said...

Chris reckons you should never mess with birds from Grimsby!

9:13 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

Perhaps the birds got mushy peas with their chips?

There's probably a chipped windscreen joke to be had somewhere, but it's time I went off to get rid of some z's.

(Oh and Sis - quite right too!)

11:13 pm  

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