Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Lovely evening walk with the pooch...
Past the kids kicking a football around in the car park.
Past the woman swearing at the cashpoint with two young children running and shouting behind her until she shouts at them.
Past the woman who looks as though she has done ten rounds with Tyson and ten years with Tennent's.
Past the evening shoppers hurrying home from Sainsbury's.
Past the fellow dog walker.

So far so good....

Past the two chav lookouts for the local drugs deal.
Yep, the scum/leeches/something rotten in the state of Denmark/insert your own choice here/ are back, possibly because the police have moved them on.
Gods but I do so hate them...

No.1 son has now turned fourteen and today he returned from school with literature for the duke of edinburgh* award. So we looked at what he needs to do to achieve a bronze award. There is a goodly variety including taxidermy. What?!!
I removed the pets to safety and covered their ears before I explained to No.1 what taxidermy is.
"Naah, I don't want to do that".
Naturally his eyes alighted upon the outdoor activities as well as weights, pool and snooker. He also spotted the fire service and Mrs C. suggested the first aid.
I suggested philately will get you everywhere... but a map might be better.
He is going to consider his options as well as see what his mates are doing.
Maybe those dealers are doing their gold award community service bit for the elderly and pain relief?

I am off to cheer on PSV Eindoven.


* I am not overly fond of royalty either.


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