Friday, February 23, 2007

Vlad it's the weekend...

Comfy slippers; mobile switched off and consigned to a dark corner; bacon and eggs; a mug of hot strong tea; assailed by three cats and an orange dog; several games of cards with No.1 son and a second mug of tea....aaaahhh. It's nice to be home after seven days of the stresses, strains and slow grind of work on the front line of 'policing the borders of madness'. A description I read many years ago and I am buggered if I can remember whose quote it is. Although I have several hours of OU work to attend to this weekend I am looking forward to cracking on with it. There is also lots of rugby tomorrow and I shall watch the England game in the pub with mates and some excellent beer.
But tonight it's 'Most Haunted Live...In Transylvania' and for the next three nights. I thoroughly enjoy the programme albeit with a mountain of salt. Thankfully that hammy fake Acorah has long gone. There is little chance of 'conjuring up' the ghost of Vlad Teppes, The Impaler or of the mythical Dracula, but it'll be a hoot all the same.So I have bought some Theakston's 'Old Peculier' in and we are gathering for the fear, frights and frivolity....

Oh! Part 37 of an irregular series...

Friday's nice bloke.


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