Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Toe the line...

Matron Hewitt's
modern A&E.

To add a little piquancy to the stew of life, I broke my little toe last night. Stubbing it on the bedpost as I made my way to bed...bang! Cue expletives, more expletives and general hoppiness for several minutes. Despite going to bed it was ages before I slept because the pain nagged away but the arms of Morpheus eventually welcomed me. This morning...still painful. So a quick handover at work and straight to A&E much to their general amusement.
"Don't we know you from somewhere?"
There is little treatment beyond strapping up the affected toe and painkillers. The Nurse Practitioner did a wonderful job despite Dr.Crippen's whinging about them and I even received some ibuprofen gratis. Who says nurses don't get perks!
It's a good job I didn't expect any sympathy from my colleagues, especially when I gave my explanation of how I injured it going to bed on the eve of St.Valentines day.
"You injured your little what?".
"Your toe was where...?"
"We toed you to be careful".
"Ain't it sweet, still passionate at your age".
To add to the general hilarity the phones did not stop ringing and our feet did not touch the ground...well, my toe didn't. Happily, I now have two days off to rest, recuperate and find out what has happened to the promised new bath tub which should have been delivered by today. I'm sure the contract I signed prior to birth with the Big Yin beyond the clouds stipulated a simple life, but insurance isn't mentioned in the bible so I can't blame him/her/the concept/the committee/the voices.
The plumbers arrive tomorrow...


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