Thursday, February 15, 2007

It's in, all shiny and sparkly and fitted by a lovely plumber from Yorkshire. Fingers crossed and no more leaks from the bath. I now have to redecorate to match it's shiny loveliness. Please note the expert grouting on the tiles....Yes, I'll hang my head in shame; I was in a hurry to finish up and go to the pub for last orders. The only DIY I am expert at would be a pint by the same name (googles Beermad...nope, doesn't exist).
The other excitements today included watching some scrote getting arrested in Sainsbury's carpark. The twenty or so passersby wouldn't have noticed but for his screaming threats at the police. Several elderly people stopped and applauded the police. There were also a large number of 'twitchers' parked up at the dock but the palava with the scrote kept me occupied and I forgot to ask what was the subject of their intense interest. All I could see were the usual seagulls although the cormorants were absent. Having once seen a seal in the dock I keep hoping another one will make an appearance.

If the twitchers are around tomorrow I'll ask 'em what it is they're looking at...and bring my camera.
Now where's my rubber duck....


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