Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Here comes the sun....

I've just read Cherry Pie's blog and she apologised for not blogging. My response was that it is the time of year...the doldrums. Spring is ycomming in but is at the teasing, catch-me-if-you-can stage with carpets of snowdrops and crocuses to delight the eye. Birdsong sweet upon the ears and a delightful blackbird singing lustily whilst I was in Lincoln yesterday. But there is still the hint of winter yet unfinished, waiting just over that there hill to ambush us when least expected with a late flurry of snow or, more likely, some frost to icing dust the streets and gardens.I certainly feel tired, physically and mentally with a strong physical desire for the sun to pop by and not just say hello, but to shout it out loud and joyously. I've taken to playing sunny music in the car, Cuban or Arabic sounds so as to lift my it worked and there was some sunshine to go with the music and a delightful drive through the springlike countryside. Lambing next...where's the mint sauce.

"Sunshine...on my shoulders makes me happy..."


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