Monday, February 12, 2007

At last...the computer is mine and not just for studying. A combination of work and studies plus the usual round of life has kept me away from blogging. My brain is also stuffed full of OU stuff so any entries would have reflected that.
Happily I am a couple of weeks ahead and the days are getting longer and brighter...could spring really be around the corner?

Having said that it is pis raining heavily as I type.
So, what has happened during my absence...bird flew; don't they always apart from emus, ostriches, kiwis, etc... Smokey Dave asking for privies for politicians (He's recognised politicians are full of shit);

England lost to Vatican Second XI; 'The Magic Roundabout' is now on the GCSE curriculum.
Otherwise the world revolves as per usual apart from the ice caps melting faster than previously thought. Everyone is to be given environmentally friendly personal transport as a result of road pricing apart from those who can afford to pay.
Another normal week then...


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