Monday, February 26, 2007

Yes, I had my Toblerone fix yesterday. You know how you fancy a chocolate and it has got to be a particular chocolate. Well yesterday was Toblerone, at other times it is Walnut Whips. Just the ticket for ambassadorial parties. Certainly both of these would make my top ten chocolates, which strangely enough features nuts of some description. A quick google...Fruit'n'nutty goodness.

No chocolate today as the diet "cough" takes precedence and I could just do with some as a very busy day at work and rushing hither and often to thither (near Mablethorpe). This would do the trick...'Double Chocolate Stout'.
I'm off for me tay.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Brass in pocket...

Sadly, there's little brass in my pocket as I approach the next pay day. So a quiet day at home cooking the Sunday dinner and reading the horror in the papers that was yesterdays match at Croke'll go with the horror of watching it unfold in front of us. Still, on the bright side the beer was good. So good in fact that my return home at 9 pm saw me straight off to bed. Hence I rarely drink alcohol during the day because it always ends up in an early night.

Apart from the tree I shall be emulating the leopard above, except I might add Toblerone.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Oooh! Two hours of preparing the groundwork for my OU essay and I have a headache. Absolutely nothing to do with the Old Peculier I had last night. As for the Most Haunted Transylvania Live...watching their increasingly desperate attempts to interpret every noise or shadow sent me off to sleep. I've seen more haunted frozen food aisles in Tesco's.
Hopefully tonights efforts will prove more entertaining.
Broken toe notwithstanding, Muttley had her long walk this morning resulting in one very happy and tired dog. Watching the geese along the river and I realised; Aren't they supposed to fly north fairly soon? Certainly there were a large number of them and with the recent rain the river is very swollen. Some new houses were built right beside the river and it never fails to amaze me each time I go past. At one end there are sandbags piled around the base upon which the house was built. Who would buy a house backing on to the river with sandbags surrounding the foundations? Nope..neither would I. Mind you, with the predicted rise in sea levels much of Grimsby will be under water. Note to self: Snorkel on 'To buy' shopping list.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Vlad it's the weekend...

Comfy slippers; mobile switched off and consigned to a dark corner; bacon and eggs; a mug of hot strong tea; assailed by three cats and an orange dog; several games of cards with No.1 son and a second mug of tea....aaaahhh. It's nice to be home after seven days of the stresses, strains and slow grind of work on the front line of 'policing the borders of madness'. A description I read many years ago and I am buggered if I can remember whose quote it is. Although I have several hours of OU work to attend to this weekend I am looking forward to cracking on with it. There is also lots of rugby tomorrow and I shall watch the England game in the pub with mates and some excellent beer.
But tonight it's 'Most Haunted Live...In Transylvania' and for the next three nights. I thoroughly enjoy the programme albeit with a mountain of salt. Thankfully that hammy fake Acorah has long gone. There is little chance of 'conjuring up' the ghost of Vlad Teppes, The Impaler or of the mythical Dracula, but it'll be a hoot all the same.So I have bought some Theakston's 'Old Peculier' in and we are gathering for the fear, frights and frivolity....

Oh! Part 37 of an irregular series...

Friday's nice bloke.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Here comes the sun....

I've just read Cherry Pie's blog and she apologised for not blogging. My response was that it is the time of year...the doldrums. Spring is ycomming in but is at the teasing, catch-me-if-you-can stage with carpets of snowdrops and crocuses to delight the eye. Birdsong sweet upon the ears and a delightful blackbird singing lustily whilst I was in Lincoln yesterday. But there is still the hint of winter yet unfinished, waiting just over that there hill to ambush us when least expected with a late flurry of snow or, more likely, some frost to icing dust the streets and gardens.I certainly feel tired, physically and mentally with a strong physical desire for the sun to pop by and not just say hello, but to shout it out loud and joyously. I've taken to playing sunny music in the car, Cuban or Arabic sounds so as to lift my it worked and there was some sunshine to go with the music and a delightful drive through the springlike countryside. Lambing next...where's the mint sauce.

"Sunshine...on my shoulders makes me happy..."

Monday, February 19, 2007

One of those days...

Aggh! third time lucky.
It's been one of those days which started for me at 2.30 a.m. when an urgent need for the toilet saw me up for the next two hours. I wasn't formally introduced to the bacteria that was using my innards as a pinball machine. No flashing lights but plenty of buzzers and bells and, no I really do not want a replay. A weekend of healthy eating and no alcohol....hmmm, that really worked. So an unexpected and not wholly welcomed day off work as I had some important business to attend to today. Internet explorer is playing silly buggers and I had no hot water for my shower this morning. I'm sure a brisk ice cold shower is good for the soul because Jesus certainly heard his name when the cold water hit me.
This is the third time I have tried to blog today (saving to's just one of those fucking days you really don't need. I also had an argument with a cold caller on the phone who insisted that because Mrs.C had agreed to 'discuss a loan' I had no right to tell the caller that we weren't interested. I suggested that I had every right to either a) Say 'NO'; b)Hang up c)Tell her to fuck off...I chose option b. That's like having Jehovah's Witnesses calling around and stating my refusal to allow them in to proselytise their message is an infringement of their human rights. That is bound to happen one day soon, if not with the JW's but with other cold callers. Option d includes a large barking dog as the answer to that problem. Her canine rights include fresh meat preferably attached to a warm fast moving body.
If anybody does happen to look in, go over to Misty's blog and leave her a nice message. her dog Pudsey is not well and she could do with some good messages ...and money for veterinary bills if you have any spare cash.
I am off for a cup of black tea and to pat my comparison my day is not so bad after all.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Gavia stellata 2...the sequel.

Back with the piccies...

I really could do with a decent camera...Quite a few people stopping to look at it and one family deliberately came out to view it. Well, the bloke did whilst his children took a greater interest in the "orange doggie".

Ebay may well be searched for a decent second hand digital camera with which I can at least get some reasonable close ups. But I got a good look at the diver and compared it to the cormorants nearby. Sigh...back to the studies...

Gavia stellata*

Ah-ha....a Red Throated Diver.

I made a beeline for one of the twitchers this morning and he gave me the gen on what was exciting them all. After looking past the cormorants there it was, a juvenile bird in a dark distant corner, oblivious to the human activity on the dockside.
So I am off out again with the mutt and camera in tow....avoiding the drug dealers whom we bumped into on our first outing to the local shops.

*Before today I'd have said "It's a star system, isn't it?"

Thursday, February 15, 2007

It's in, all shiny and sparkly and fitted by a lovely plumber from Yorkshire. Fingers crossed and no more leaks from the bath. I now have to redecorate to match it's shiny loveliness. Please note the expert grouting on the tiles....Yes, I'll hang my head in shame; I was in a hurry to finish up and go to the pub for last orders. The only DIY I am expert at would be a pint by the same name (googles Beermad...nope, doesn't exist).
The other excitements today included watching some scrote getting arrested in Sainsbury's carpark. The twenty or so passersby wouldn't have noticed but for his screaming threats at the police. Several elderly people stopped and applauded the police. There were also a large number of 'twitchers' parked up at the dock but the palava with the scrote kept me occupied and I forgot to ask what was the subject of their intense interest. All I could see were the usual seagulls although the cormorants were absent. Having once seen a seal in the dock I keep hoping another one will make an appearance.

If the twitchers are around tomorrow I'll ask 'em what it is they're looking at...and bring my camera.
Now where's my rubber duck....

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Toe the line...

Matron Hewitt's
modern A&E.

To add a little piquancy to the stew of life, I broke my little toe last night. Stubbing it on the bedpost as I made my way to bed...bang! Cue expletives, more expletives and general hoppiness for several minutes. Despite going to bed it was ages before I slept because the pain nagged away but the arms of Morpheus eventually welcomed me. This morning...still painful. So a quick handover at work and straight to A&E much to their general amusement.
"Don't we know you from somewhere?"
There is little treatment beyond strapping up the affected toe and painkillers. The Nurse Practitioner did a wonderful job despite Dr.Crippen's whinging about them and I even received some ibuprofen gratis. Who says nurses don't get perks!
It's a good job I didn't expect any sympathy from my colleagues, especially when I gave my explanation of how I injured it going to bed on the eve of St.Valentines day.
"You injured your little what?".
"Your toe was where...?"
"We toed you to be careful".
"Ain't it sweet, still passionate at your age".
To add to the general hilarity the phones did not stop ringing and our feet did not touch the ground...well, my toe didn't. Happily, I now have two days off to rest, recuperate and find out what has happened to the promised new bath tub which should have been delivered by today. I'm sure the contract I signed prior to birth with the Big Yin beyond the clouds stipulated a simple life, but insurance isn't mentioned in the bible so I can't blame him/her/the concept/the committee/the voices.
The plumbers arrive tomorrow...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Today the net is sooooooooooo ssslloooooooooooowww....

So I can't get my studying completed in full for this activity which involves me in searching various databases. Bugger it...I'll do something that doesn't prompt me to reach for a large hammer.
Where's that Ikea flatpack?

Monday, February 12, 2007

At last...the computer is mine and not just for studying. A combination of work and studies plus the usual round of life has kept me away from blogging. My brain is also stuffed full of OU stuff so any entries would have reflected that.
Happily I am a couple of weeks ahead and the days are getting longer and brighter...could spring really be around the corner?

Having said that it is pis raining heavily as I type.
So, what has happened during my absence...bird flew; don't they always apart from emus, ostriches, kiwis, etc... Smokey Dave asking for privies for politicians (He's recognised politicians are full of shit);

England lost to Vatican Second XI; 'The Magic Roundabout' is now on the GCSE curriculum.
Otherwise the world revolves as per usual apart from the ice caps melting faster than previously thought. Everyone is to be given environmentally friendly personal transport as a result of road pricing apart from those who can afford to pay.
Another normal week then...

Friday, February 09, 2007

Still here....

Busy week workwise and studying hence the blog has been neglected...orf to work in a few minutes but I've got the weekend for fun and games.

I found the above on another blog and that's the shortened list...dogsbody and scapegoat could be added given the current government's desire to abuse and blame health professionals to cover up their incompetent handling of the NHS. You can also add student (lifelong learner), comedian, priest, tea maker, politician, etc...

*I know counsellor is spelt can add pedant to the list.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Sob...last day of my hols and back to the grindstone tomorrow. Unless my numbers come up tonight in which case I'll contemplate life from a beach in Trinidad....oh, and I'll let work know...from the airport.

"Hello boss, you are not going to believe it..."

However, back to reality and work tomorrow. Always a little bit of trepidation after nearly two weeks off because I don't know what awaits me. I also miss the Calcutta Cup tomorrow but hopefully I can tune in on the radio if I am out and about. It will be more of a shock to the pooch who has had much of my attention over these past twelve days and now I'll disappear for several hours each day again. She'll have the boring (always asleep) cats for company again. Ah well, I have to keep her in pedigree chum somehow. The past week has been put to good use with walks in the springlike weather and attending to Open University studies. Shame I can't be a full time student and study the impact of the weather on mental health (Trinidad again)or the media's presentation of mental health ('They're all mad and dangerous, lock 'em up'). I too could research the bleeding obvious.
Time for a cuppa.