Saturday, January 27, 2007

It's that time of the month again.
No, not 'monthlies' or the need to use a mikvah. It's the time when I act as a conduit between work and various agencies to pass money along. I get paid but it doesn't stay long enough to warm itself either in my wallet or bank account.
Having paid out for the guttering to be repaired and the excess to be paid to the insurance company to repair the bath before I even pay the bills....agghh! I think I'll hide under the duvet for a month before they add a tax for the air one breathes...What? They already do that...Bastards.
No.1 has a list of demands for a variety of necessary things for school, etc...
Mrs.C ditto...
Anybody want to buy an orange dog or three delightful moggies? Ho hum, another month without beer for me and lentil curries for a month.


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