Thursday, January 11, 2007

It is blowing a gale out there, which is a shame because she is generally a nice girl. The mutt behaves in a very skittish manner when it is windy and bounces around especially if I stop to talk to people. She's happy tho' having played fetch the stick for half an hour and is now collapsed in a heap at my feet.
I bumped into an old work colleague and we chewed the fat for a while as we watched a couple of youngish wino's consuming cheap sherry...quite sad really. The lead was held firmly because muttly is friendly towards anyone and everyone. This includes muddy paws planted firmly upon the nearest unlucky recipient. She spotted the drinkers and was keen to investigate. The last time this happened I had to explain to a drunken couple who were begging in an aggressive fashion that she will bark if they shout at her and I would do more than bark at them if they didn't remove themselves. I also explained to them that I would release the lead and she is very protective of me. I used shorter, more expressive words than the above. The two today were quieter, sheltering from the wind and looked harmless. They didn't need two muddy paws planted on them as an expression of canine friendship.

Currently listening to Mr Zimmerman's latest offering 'Modern Times' and I noticed that simon cowell (lower case for wankers) criticised Bob's musical talents. are a shit of the first order and should go and boil your inflated head.
I am not the biggest of fans of Bob Dylan because he has recorded some dire stuff over the years, but he has also written and recorded some sublime and insightful music as well. His work will stand the test of time and cowell...the above says it all.
Otherwise I am avoiding the TV because Mrs C. has all sorts of reality shows on and I only end up directing abuse at the box. So I am better off on this box or keeping busy doing other things.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by and your comment on my blog.

Though have a look at my latest post for the downsides of owning a dog!

I totally agree about Dylan. He was one of those songwriters I never liked when I was young but as I've got older I seem to "get it" now. Some utterly beautiful and profound songs. And as you say some dire stuff but I guess that's to be expected with a back catalogue as big as his.

I was thinking of buying his new one. Would you recommend it?

As for simon cowell. He's hardly qualified as being any kind of barometer of taste is he?

12:23 pm  

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