Monday, January 15, 2007

Barf night...a right mare.

"The leak's under there somewhere".

It's been a busy old time at work but I now have two days off and I can relax...although I have to contact the insurance company to claim on some damage to my bath. I forsee lots of paperwork and phone calls in my crystal ball; unlike goldenballs' $250 million I forsee a lot less coming to me except hopefully a new bath fitted quickly, efficiently and tidily by some nice workmen. I think that crystal ball fell on my head.
So I phoned the insurers who turned out to be some 'holding company' and I was put through to the genuine insurance company after giving all my details....with a completely different name to that on my documentation. Three hours later and several calls where I was in a queue I finally got through. We discussed everything and I had a new number of the company managing my claim....and another new telephone number. They contacted me relatively quickly and gave me another phone number 'in case of problems'. A man will phone me back later today or possibly tomorrow morning to arrange a time to survey the damage.
So much for relaxing on my day off.


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