Friday, December 01, 2006

PC woes...

Is it safe to blog now?

Three cheers for the PC doctor who performed his magic following No1 opening the PC version of anthrax. Result = "Fuck...where's it all gorn?" Despite rebooting and air/sea rescue, a surprisingly blank screen. £15.00 in his skyrocket and incantations muttered plus a sacrifice to the small god of pc's (, it works.
To the cousin of one of No1's friends who sent the virus...can you feel that pin in your genitalia yet? I'm going to leave the doll on a hot radiator now.

Having no access to the internet for a few days made me realise....I can't live without it. For blogging, news, talking to friends, studies and generally scratching around, I've found it was like the absence of an old friend. Even just keeping an eye out for interesting things...



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