Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Normal service resumed!

I can post photos as well as my inane burblings.To be honest, I have been too busy to blog. What with Christmas shopping, work, broken washing machines and more Christmasy things to attend to, I've not bothered.

We discussed the meaning of Christmas at work yesterday following an agreement to not give each other cards. We are giving sweets and biscuits instead but I've promised to buy some fruit in. I suggested that this being the darkest time of year, cold, invariably wet and miserable, the celebration was about life, light, warmth and family and friends. So whether one is a signed up Christian, agnostic, pagan or whatever, it is a celebration. So...lights please, fire for warmth and get that bird spitroasted...failing that, put the turkey in the oven. I do like the 'Dickensian' image of Christmas, with brightly lit windows and hot chestnuts for sale at braziers in snow covered streets. Without the children up chimneys and the poverty of course, but the imagery is quite powerful. Our tree is up and a few decorations are around the living room with presents already under the tree. The turkey has lurked in the freezer for the past seven or so weeks and food orders placed a few weeks ago. Chocolate advent calenders are open at the fifth day. Five gold rings today or in the popular parlance...'Five red vindaloo rings..'. I admit I made that one up, but you can just see Keith Allen singing a Christmas version of 'Vindaloo' and that line could be in it. However, the twelve days should only begin twelve days before Christmas day ...13th December I think. Six geese with bird flu next...

I'm off to work.



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