Tuesday, November 07, 2006


No health discussions today...I'll suffer in silence. Sniff.

Public Announcement: For all of you fucking idiots and accidents of birth out there...November 5th has been and gone. My dog and three cats would now like a quiet night without a re-enactment of the battle of Stalingrad. The cats are ok..ish but the dog is a neurotic wreck. So fucking stop it now you twats.

I've done the various things recommended: keep 'em in, turn the radio on and play music to cover the noise up, maintain a nice, calm atmosphere and appropriate reassurance. All of this done over the past few days but surely now the fun is over. If they like loud bangs and pyrotechnics, I'm sure the army could offer plenty in Afghanistan or Iraq for their entertainment.
To keep me going over the past week, when I've been awake that is (sleeping for England)I've read books and listened to the radio. But I have also watched my fair share of daytime TV. Yesterday I counted seven separate loan companies amongst the adverts for funeral plans and home/car/alien abduction insurance. A great indicator of the current financial climate and, although some people are having a great time, many are struggling. I heard on the radio how in ten years time first time buyers could well be looking at one million pound mortgages. Hmmm...I'm not too sure about that but currently many first time buyers are struggling to buy. Bankruptcies are up, defaults on mortgages have increased, unemployment up....it is not looking too good.From a worst case scenario we could be looking at societal pyrotechnics in a few years time when a recession is combined with 'The war on terror', immigration and the implosion of the NHS and the welfare system. It is hard to predict how society will look in twenty years time...not like those 'Tomorrow's World' programmes predicted although being beamed to work would be useful. We could live wherever we wished; bags I Trinidad, beaming to work in a matter of seconds.

Do the honours Scotty.

As an aside I remember years ago working on an inner city psychiatric ward and one of our patients was Captain James T.Kirk. He even had a home made uniform and had changed his name by deed poll. At a mental health review tribunal he produced a 'communicator' and ordered Scotty to beam him up. He blamed Klingon interference for his imprisonment hence no response from the Enterprise. Oddly enough he'd acquired his new persona a number of years after his initial breakdown. Certainly a better way for a sensitive soul to cope with the stresses and strains of life rather than chase power and use it to destroy others. The last time I met him he had become Admiral Kirk. I bet he doesn't worry about a mortgage, not when you are wrestling with the problems of the Romulans up tp their old tricks.


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