Sunday, October 08, 2006

Woodland Idyll.

No trip to the beach...halfway there the pooch let me know in no uncertain terms she needed the toilet.So a swift detour to Weelsby Woods and my car remained dry. She was happy as well as meeting lots of dogs whom she behaved herself with. I've discovered she only growls/ barks at other dogs when she is on the lead, hence it's better to generally leave off the lead where it is safe to do so. I had a lovely walk a couple of times around the woods whilst we enjoyed the autumnal sunshine.

She of course ran several miles to the two I walked as she investigated every nook and cranny with her nose glued to the canine equivalent of the local newspaper.
Plenty of dog walkers around and the play area crammed with kids also making the most of the sunshine. I haven't taken the pooch here for ages and it is one of my favourite local walks, giving the appearance of a wild area yet in reality it is well managed and not far from town.

A great place to exercise both the dog and myself.
My plans for the rest of the weekend went awry as my son managed to injure his right hand and it is very swollen. No bones broken but I decided to be available today in case a trip to A&E was needed. Hence I stayed around home and attended to chores.
I'm being called away...TTFN.


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