Friday, October 13, 2006

Unlucky for some...

Paraskevidekatriaphobia...the fear of Friday the thirteenth. As a slate fell off a house I was passing and the man in front of me disappeared from sight down an open manhole, I wondered about this irrational fear. Approaching Tesco's a black cat was hit by a falling meteorite and I still couldn't put my finger on this irrational fear of Friday the thirteenth. I stepped over the still smoking body of an electrician as the sirens of an ambulance announced its approach.The screech of brakes as it narrowly missed a blind man and his faithful guidedog briefly caught my attention, even as the dog then urinated on the loose live wire and the yelps vied with the sirens in the loudness stakes. I still could not fathom the reasons for this myth of an unlucky day.A lone magpie fell dead from a tree as I left the supermarket and landed on the head of Mrs Miggins whose well known fear of birds was a source of amusement to the local youths. Her receding screams as I walked on were brought to an abrupt halt by the ladder of the window cleaner as she ran under it and into the local bakery from whence the issueing black smoke hinted at further troubles.
As I turned the corner into my street and passed the fire engine with two flat tyres I continued to mull over this concept of 'unlucky for some Friday the thirteenth'. The firefighter on his back having discovered a carelessly deposited banana skin on the pavement continued to shout invectives at the hapless girl who had tossed it away. She was in no position to respond as she had stopped to pick up her broken compact and placed her hand in the dog shit earlier deposited by the guidedog. Her loudly voiced expletives caused the local vicar to cover his ears so he was unable to hear the cry of "Better the devil behind me " as a householder threw salt over her left shoulder which landed full in his face. I crossed the road and let myself in to my house. As I switched the kettle on I found the milk had turned sour and I hadn't bought any at the shops.
"Bugger...that's just my bad luck. No wonder, it's Friday the thirteenth" I exclaimed as I looked at my wife who for some reason was staring open mouthed at some commotion outside the window.


Blogger Cherrypie said...

You blokes really do walk around with your eyes closed. No wonder I'm still available for dates and energetic dancing.

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