Sunday, October 22, 2006

To sleep, perchance to dream...

I survived the lurgy and the pain has gone from my side and, own up who put hallucinogenic drugs in the local water. They are hammering at the gates for help apart from those really ill ones who are running away from us. The past few days have been extremely busy so I haven't had time to whinge about 'manflu', etc...
We have been woken up two nights running by :
1 Noisy revellers.
2 Czech/ Polish / East of Berlin workers conversing LOUDLY at 4 a.m.
3 Cats...not ours I hasten to add.

4 House alarms.
5 Fuckwits in noisy motors racing around the streets.

Is it the run up towards Christmas via Halloween/Bonfire Night/Diwali or with the reduction in my alcohol consumption am I only now aware of the real noise levels here in town? I'm usually ok...I wake up, note the noise and I go straight back to sleep. Mrs.C wakes up and remains awake....cue one annoyed bunny come the break of dawn. I suggested a solution: close the window and enjoy one of the benefits of double glazing, namely quiet. She gave me The Look and I found urgent matters to attend to. However, windows closed last night and we all had an excellent nights sleep (quietly smug).
In our business the correct terminology is 'sleep hygiene'....clean pyjama's anyone and a squirt of deodorant? No, it refers to the structure of sleep and whether you've slept as befits the just and goodly or, tossed and turned all night on your sack of spanners and barbed wire as befits the ungodly bound first class for the fiery pits. I avoid using 'sleep hygiene' and stick with plain and simple descriptions as to why one slept badly. Whether sleep was interrupted e.g. A cat called Tigger who wanders around the bedroom at 5 a.m. yowling for the joy of it (She is now firmly locked away in the back room!). How long before you dropped off or when you awoke, etc...I have only genuinely met a few people whose statement "I don't sleep more than two - three hours a night" has turned out to be true. Most people do sleep more than they realize, when not interrupted by the above. Mind you, in yesterday's 'Daily Mirror'I read about a horse that had a cyst removed from it's nose by a vet. Prior to the operation, the horse's snoring was so loud it sounded like a foghorn and could be heard from two fields away.They don't say whether the horse itself slept through the noise...
Time for a cuppa.


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