Monday, October 16, 2006


Diet continues to make progress and for once my will power appears to be holding up. The occasional small treat here and there i.e. crisps, but I am 'plodding on' with it. A variety of things set me going...
1. I ran out of excuses for not dieting.
2. I was no longer fast enough to catch the pies.
3. Health.
Certainly the latter plays a major part in motivating me and I eventually reached the realisation that my body only has one owner and I can't part exchange it at some future date.I can also hopefully provide a role model for my son to whom green vegetables are currently anathema. If he sees me losing weight and living a more healthy lifestyle he may avoid the mistakes I made....I should know better, children only learn from their own mistakes!
Today was the second day of my ten week introduction to psychodynamic psychotherapy. It's a chance for mental health professionals to get a 'taster' of it and , if we're attracted to it , we can sign up for the next five years of training to become a psychotherapist. I must be a masochist because I am hooked and enjoying this taster and I am considering signing up for the training. However, I have the next eight weeks to make my mind up and learn as much as I can before committing myself to the training. Bloody hell, that and completing my degree...I'll have to give this some serious thought otherwise I'll go education crazy.
I'm off to gird my loins for the difficult quiz and a well earned pint of foaming ale....I'm foaming at the mouth thinking about it.


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