Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Musical Interlude...

Two very busy days at the 'coalface' with assessments of some very ill people indeed and of one person who travels the country seeking hospital admissions. Needless to say, the extremely ill people necessitated half the paperwork and in-put of the hospital spotter*. The latter thankfully are rare although we do get some strange referrals, often in the early hours of the morning and usually associated with drugs, alcohol or both. The title 'crisis' does tend to be a magnet for a variety of people who do not need our service or it frightens the bejasus out of the people who really could use our service. Requests for a taxi, plumber or to answer quiz questions about the last UK no.1 record for Shakatak are not welcomed, however much of an emergency it may be.
Having trawled various blogs since the return of 'connectivity'(Calling occupants of interplanetary craft), reading peoples lists of their favourite music or films...how do they decide? I must be a typical Libran in that I can never decide my favourite top ten of anything because I keep changing my mind. If it came to choosing music, I know that 'Suite: Judy Blue Eyes' by Crosby, Stills and Nash would be in there, as would 'Hot Burrito No.1' by The Flying Burrito Brothers. But so many others would be there. In any order the following might make it in...
'Start Wearing Purple'- Gogol Bordello.
'Gasoline Alley Bred' - The Hollies.
'Save The Children' - Marvin Gaye.
'Baby Please Don't Go' - Muddy Waters.
'Magic' - Nick Drake.
'1952 Vincent Black Lightning' - Richard Thompson.
'Bees Wing' - Roy Bailey.
'If I had Possession Over Judgement Day' - Robert Johnson.
'Made of Stone' - Stone Roses.
'Eton Rifles' - The Jam....
The list is endless and the above are the ones that immediately leap to mind when I scan through the music on the PC.But I haven't mentioned Chuck Berry or Miles Davis, Fairport Convention or even 'Girls ' by Moments and Whatnots. Not highbrow music but a bloody damn good dance record. Before going out clubbing I used to play 'Surfing Bird' - The Trashmen just to psyche me up for a good night out. Although a 'rocker' I also liked dancing and I could happily dance for hours at a club, but hearing X-ray Spex or Ian Dury also gets me going. So how on earth can one choose a favourite ten pieces of music!

*Like train spotters but anoraks are optional.


Blogger Cherrypie said...

I agree. It's almost impossible to choose 10 favourites. The meme I did recently were meant to be songs that meant something to you, a life soundtrack if you will. It would have looked very different otherwise.

10:08 pm  

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