Sunday, October 08, 2006

Idyll part 2.

Moon as captured by son.

I had to give up the PC so No.1 son could write up some homework. His hand is still quite swollen but not too painful. He was being pushed around by some twat who refused to stop so No.1 hit him. It worked in that the twat left but the consequence of his action is a sore hand...jaws are harder than noses I pointed out to him!
I discovered yesterday that a few pints of Hewitt's real ale do not mix well with a slimfast diet. No hangover or anything like that, I just feel somewhat 'washed out' today. I still managed to do the garden and cook Sunday dinner, albeit at a relaxed pace. The consequence for me was that I slept through the England game yesterday...Rather a good consequence in hindsight. I had a lengthy chat with a friend yesterday about coffee. Not instant which is all well and good but the real stuff. I bought an electric coffee grinder sometime back and I do like the ritual of selecting beans and setting up the stovetop coffee pot for a strong cup of an excellent coffee. I don't drink much coffee but when I do I like it to be strong and full of flavour. It's fun selecting the beans as well and the smell....heavenly!Talking with my friend about coffee and we both agreed that real ale, coffee and real food are much appreciated as we get older. I guess the smell of coffee is one of those key scents along with bread baking and roses, jasmine, honeysuckle, etc... I remember years ago when things weren't so good walking into a rose garden in a public park and the scent was exquisite. It was a warm late summer evening and sitting on a bench surrounded by roses with the air suffused with their scents...wonderful. It cheered me up immensely at the time and I am immediately transported there whenever I now smell roses.
On that note I shall now go.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We were once asked for some fresh bread and coffee air freshener samples for people selling houses and I'm still amazed that it never caught on.

The idea is used though - one travel agent chain used a coconut air fragrance to get customers thinking of sun tan oil. I guess olfactory suggestion doesn't count as subliminal advertising...

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