Thursday, October 12, 2006


First the good news: I've lost more weight.
Now the bad news: Mrs.Catto left the freezer door open all night.
Cue some very well fed animals and I also partook of some fish as well as a delightful curry I cooked this afternoon. I can't move, yet in terms of amount eaten it was quite small compared to before the diet. I still feel stuffed and uncomfortable. A lesson there...stick to the diet and Mrs.C will check the freezer door next time. The animals will be well fed tomorrow as well. If they understand Christmas then it has arrived early for them.

Today being my day off I had a wander around the local shopping precinct,mainly to look at DVD's, CD's and books.I went armed with a gift card and I bought Eric Sykes' autobiography and 'Arthur and George' by Julian Barnes, both books I have wantd for some time now.The precinct was an homage to Halloween, bats, broomsticks, witches and vampires galore. Time to spray the dog black and glue her batwings on again. With luminous paint around her eyes and jaws she should look good enough to scare the kiddies. There's to be a Halloween night at our local and Elvis will be singing. Halloween costumes are optional although for some of our local Grimsby Goths it'll be their usual attire. I have to admit I do like Goths although it may just be the female Goths I like. Having said that, the idea of wearing a black frock coat, long frilly sleeves and a black top hat whilst carrying a silver topped black cane to work does appeal to the macabre in me.It would go down well in A&E....I also like Halloween although I think the trick or treating should be confined to the under tens.
I must away to the pub quiz and lose in the manner which we are accustomed to losing in.


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