Friday, August 25, 2006


Second post today...nothing on the telly and I've been checking out the latest on the Time Team royal dig.18 hours of live broadcasting over the next three days...I'll catch bits of it because I have other things to do. My only gripe about the little bit I have seen so far is the excessive toadying to the royals, but it is to be expected otherwise access may never have come about. Vote for your 'favourite royal' on the site...Oliver Cromwell is missing from the list. I know he isn't royal but he gets my vote!

Oliver Cromwell.

It will be interesting to see what TT do find at the three sites, given the possibilities of royal gardens and removal or destruction of the sites to provide such gardens. But I get my Time Team fix...a whole weekend of it.Excuse me, Mrs.C is calling me....
I've just had to phone the police as 20 drunken youths have been throwing bottles, threatening and abusing passers by and people in the Tap and the restaurant above it. There was a confrontation as some drinkers came out of the pub to talk with the tossers. The scum have all dispersed and when the police arrive in the next hour or two, hey presto! drunken youths. Undoubtedly my call was one of several calls made requesting the police intervene...vigilantism will become more attractive to people around the country as the authorities appear to be more concerned with statistics and giving coppers increasing amounts of paperwork rather than allowing them to do their jobs. My apologies to Humberside's finest as a squad car has just been along to check things out.
Currently drinking: Meantime London Porter which I have wanted to try for some time now.

It comes in a large 750 ml bottle, states it is bottle conditioned and is a delightfully rich, dark, flavoursome and strong beer at 6.5 % abv. I will definitely be trying this one again and for me I only need this one bottle tonight. A quality beer I thoroughly recommend.

Listening to: Kate Bush 'Aerial'...I can't get enough of this album and I seem to discover new depths to it with each listening.


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