Tuesday, August 29, 2006


February 1945.The Yalta conference where the Allies are deciding the fate of Europe and the world. The leaders are arguing over the future of Poland...

"It will be a free, democratic state as is it's right in fighting against fascism" stated Churchill emphasising each word with stabbing gestures of his cigar.
"No...It will be a shining example of a socialist paradise which we in the Soviet Union will endeavour to support our fraternal Polish colleagues in adhering to the true path of socialism" replied Stalin.
"I have to disagree with both of you" Roosevelt interposed, "It will be a giant mall with extensive free parking, a free park and ride and late night opening on Thursday evenings".
The world leaders talked late into each night as the fate of millions was decided.

Well bugger it...Mrs.C and I had our own Yalta conference yesterday.
The venue: Homebase.
The subject matter: The garden and how we will 'transform' it.
We bought the new lighting for the kitchen, no problem. We have reached general agreement regarding the plants to go in the garden. We are at an impasse as to what to do with the garden....Mrs.C stated her intention to wait because it will go her way....I fear I will be Churhill in this minor domestic version of Yalta and it will go Mrs.C's way. Ho Hum...


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