Monday, July 03, 2006

What happened Saturday?

Well, just about recovered from the world cup exit and the therapy of too much work is helping me to forget....whatever it is.
Heatwave...I'm awaiting the first report of people succumbing to the high temperatures. Lovely whilst in the garden/ on the beach /in the park, horrible torture whilst at work or being broiled in the car.

"More ice please waiter".

The temperature in my car at 3 pm was 33 degrees celsius...and that was in the shade!
No complaints here, I just wish I had a few days off to enjoy it before the sun disappears. The other plus point is girls in summer frocks (that shows my age!).
I think a trip to Mablethorpe might be called for : a paddle in the sea, warm sands and a bag of chips.I'm off on Thursday so we'll see.It's too warm for this so I'm orf to the garden and soak up the rays.


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