Sunday, June 18, 2006

Lazy Sunday...

A quiet day spent watching football or lazing in the garden.Toad in the hole for lunch and a nice Leffe Trippel to wash it down with.As the brewery blurb puts it......
Almost every Belgian beer has some form of “triple” version, and Leffe is no exception. Leffe Triple, a hazy golden strong beer, is 8.4% abv. It has a citric lemon bearing on the nose and palate, and overall a rather sharp taste.

To be honest it is a nice beer but there are many better ones in Belgium and I hope to make a trip there some time to try a few out,and of course the culture.The other beers aren't owned by 'In Bev',a company which aims for profit before taste by closing down smaller breweries and brands.For more information on this see the link for Camra.
Otherwise, my blisters are healed and I am fighting fit for a return to work tomorrow. No, I didn't win the lottery despite a feeling in my water.
"Nurse! More cranberry juice please".
I skimmed the Sunday rag this morning...full of shite about 'celebs?' who're known only to their mothers and the seriously deluded.Back to a proper paper next Sunday.
This evening, NCIS and flicking over to the match between France and South Korea.
Result! A one all draw and oeuf sur le visage francais, s'il vous plais...beau jubbly! Again, England are usually in this position so it does make a pleasant change to see it happen to other teams.


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